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Human Security and Global Governance

Human Security and Global Governance

4576 руб Human Security and Global Governance
Human Security and Global Governance

This work is a fusion of two academic papers read at the 2011 World Congress for Korean Politics and Society held in Incheon Songdo, South Korea, last August 23-25, which was organized by the Korean Political Association and at the 2012 Korean Government Studies Conference in Andong City, South Korea on April 27-28, 2012, sponsored by the Korean Association for Government Studies. It proposes that in global governance, human security should be mainstreamed; regional inter-state associations must adopt its conceptualization as paradigmatic reference in policy making; and nation-states should incorporate it in social policy development. This monograph serves as a reference for social social science educators and students as well as government social policy makers and implementers. It reviews the different conceptializations of human security by international organizations and policy writers. It also discusses briefly global governance and the need to mainstream human security therein. For application, the author derives implications in the contexts of East Asia, specifically in the ASEAN region and the Korean Peninsula. More detailed implications are drawn for South Korea.

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Автор на обложке: Pedro Bernaldez
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